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Your 2-Minute Pep Talk: Be Aware of Your Changes

We all have those friends who seemingly have the gift of hospitality–you can’t set an empty glass back on the table before it’s filled again, the room isn’t too hot nor too cold, and the food is always perfect.

And you may feel like I do–that there’s no way I could ever be that good at being aware of my guests’ needs.

Luckily for us both, when it comes to a newsletter, we have a lot of clues. There are clues that our readers are confused–a lack of response, emails that seem to miss the point of what we were trying to communicate, or even emails from upset readers.

There are clues that our readers are delighted. *Sales*, happy emails, a thriving, growing list.

By simply opening up to these clues, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover. So, this week, I want to ask you to stay alert to what your readers might be thinking, feeling, or doing. How do they seem to interact with the newsletter? How do they respond?

Haul out that detective kit and treat it like a game–have fun with discovering who your readers are and what they want.

With that in mind, it’s time for an update–how are you doing with this material? How has it helped you as a publisher? How are you putting it into action? Take an inventory to see the changes you’ve made so far. I think you’ll be impressed with your progress!

Just as important as being aware of how your readers are responding to you is being aware of how what you’re doing impacts your readers. And, the first step in tracking that is to take a look back at the changes you’ve made so far.

Your challenge: Post an update in the comments here on how you’re doing with your detective kit, examining your statistics, and improving your numbers.

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