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Your 2-Minute Pep Talk: Be Aware of Your Changes

We all have those friends who seemingly have the gift of hospitality–you can’t set an empty glass back on the table before it’s filled again, the room isn’t too hot nor too cold, and the food is always perfect.

And you may feel like I do–that there’s no way I could ever be that good at being aware of my guests’ needs.

Audio: Your Two-Minute Pep Talk

Audio for Your Two-Minute Pep Talk (running time, 3 minutes–because you’re a much faster reader than I am ;-) ). To download the file, simply right-click the link and select “Save Target As.” Or, you can use a great podcast program like iPodder which will keep track of all of your podcasts for you.

Download audio version of Your Two-Minute Pep Talk here.

Q & A: Readers Want to Read Between the Lines

I’ve mentioned before that I seldom watch the news on TV, so it was a bit out of the ordinary that I saw the coverage of the terrorist attacks in London last week. Several reporters mentioned the dramatic change–from being awarded the Olympics just the day before.

What does this have to do with newsletters and awareness? Just something we hadn’t yet discussed–that you need to be aware of what’s going on in your readers’ world. You don’t have to mention it, but you should be aware of it. That means keeping up to date on news stories that may impact your readers, knowing what’s happening within your industry, and keeping an eye on trends.

Your Handy-Dandy Detective Kit

As a second-grader, I was a huge fan of mysteries. For Christmas that year, I received a detective kit so I could go out and solve mysteries just like the characters in my favorite books.

With fingerprinting powder, a silly disguise, and code-breaking supplies. But, the part of the kit that was the most fun to play with was a selection of plastic pieces used to create composite pictures of “suspects.”

Using a wide variety of eyes, noses, mouths, face shapes, and hair styles, I could create pictures that looked similar to people I knew.

Last week, at the end of your challenge, you were left with handfuls of numbers. And, just like those facial features, the numbers may look like a bit of a jumble before you put them together into composites. (more…)

Audio: Your Handy-Dandy Detective Kit

Listen to Your Handy-Dandy Detective Kit by downloading the audio file. Simply right click and select “Save Target As” to start your download.

Approximate Listening Time: 3 Minutes

Audio: Your Handy-Dandy Detective Kit

What are you missing?

Last week, I was talking with a client about her newsletter stats. We were looking at click-thru rates, open rates, *sales percentages* and more.

We looked at the feedback she was getting and whether or not those readers were converting. We compared how people discovered her newsletter with how likely they were to interact with her, her site, and her store. (more…)

Audio: What Are You Missing?

I’ve heard from a couple of you that you really enjoyed the audio versions of the newsletter, warts and all :-) . So, although I’m completely out of my element here and the quality really isn’t the best… I’ll continue to record an audio version of each article. For now, I’m dropping the music intro as I did a very poor job of adding that last time :-) .

To enjoy the audio, simply right click on the link below and select “Save Target As.”

These audios are made available as-is and are protected by copyright. If you’d like to share them with your newsletter list, just let me know and we can discuss it.

Approx 3 minutes. Audio: What Are You Missing?

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