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Celebration Break!

Next week, we’ll dive right into talking about Joy as a newsletter component, but, first…

You have to experience it!

And that’s why I’m “assigning” you a Celebration today. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a celebration today.

2. Enjoy your celebration!

That’s it! So, how might you celebrate?

1. In a heat wave hotspot? How about a run through the sprinklers? Or a giant watermelon to enjoy this afternoon?

2. Buy yourself a cake and get something written on it in frosting. If you really want to turn it into something big, buy cake candles and hats and share the celebration with your coworkers or friends.

3. Do something silly. Perhaps you have a comical pair of socks you could wear, or maybe you’d like to answer the phone in Pig Latin.

The sky’s the limit–it’s YOUR celebration. So pick one that’ll make you feel great and bring some extra joy into your life.


P.S. I’d love to hear all about what YOU decide to do. Post your celebration here in the comments.

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