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The Path to Great Results

In week one on personality, we talked about the foundation of a personality in your newsletter. And, in week two, we talked about why it’s so important to have a newsletter personality. Last week, we talked about the most commonly asked queries about personality.

All that’s left is for you to take action.

Have you completed your exercises up to this point? Did you apply what you learned in your latest newsletter issue?

What if Your Boss Says “No Personality”?

The last two weeks, we’ve been discussing personality in your newsletter: why it’s important and how to develop it. Today, I’m going to answer some of the *most-asked questions* about personality in your newsletter.

Remember, YOU control this column :-) . Send me *your questions* about the current topic and you might just see your question appear in a future issue.

Q: What if all my interests relate to my newsletter topic?


The Myth of the Extraordinary Newsletter

Last week, you made a list of five things you really love. (And, if you didn’t, make that list today before you read this issue. Go ahead. This post will still be available when you’re done :-) .)

Today, you’re going to learn how to start to use what you learned last week to build a better relationship with your readers.

Too many publishers publish really great newsletters. Are you one of them?

Let Your Newsletter Go to the Dogs?

The new cover for Newsletters in Focus teases that you’ll learn what dogs and bubbles have to do with your newsletter. And, you’ll find a photo of Izzy with his peanut butter bubbles decorating the cover.

So, here’s part of the big reveal (the bubbles will come later): I talk about Izzy (my dog) in my newsletter so much because I *like* him. Silly, perhaps, but a magic thing happens when you talk about stuff you like in your newsletter.

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