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The Myth of the Extraordinary Newsletter

Last week, you made a list of five things you really love. (And, if you didn’t, make that list today before you read this issue. Go ahead. This post will still be available when you’re done :-) .)

Today, you’re going to learn how to start to use what you learned last week to build a better relationship with your readers.

Too many publishers publish really great newsletters. Are you one of them?

These publishers put out well-researched, compelling, beautifully-designed newsletters that completely focused on what readers want to know.

Who’d have thought a too-right newsletter could be a bad thing?

But it IS bad! Because, when your newsletter is too perfect, too exactly-right, your readers don’t see the PERSON (read: you!) behind each issue. And, when they don’t see YOU, they can’t relate to you.

Which means readers may love getting each issue of your newsletter, but they don’t actually connect to you. And that connection is what makes a newsletter such a powerful thing.

I’m not suggesting you start littering your newsletter with typos, or that you focus less on what your readers want to read.

Instead, start to add humanity to your newsletter. Start to be just a little bit vulnerable. Let your readers get to know YOU.

So, take one item from the list you made last week. Let’s say you wrote down that you love throwing pottery.

Take action: Today, make a list of five stories related to one love from last week’s list that you could relate to your newsletter.

Keep this list in your newsletter notebook and, when it’s time to write your next newsletter, choose one story from your list to share with readers.

You’ll be *amazed* what a difference showing just a bit of humanity will make in your relationship with your readers. They’ll start to like YOU which is a building block to getting them comfortable enough to contact you.

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Jessica helps independent professionals become Indispensable Experts through powerful publishing programs. She works with clients one-on-one as a newsletter designer and writer and in groups through the Newsletter Spa.

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