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Audio: Welcoming Unsubscribers

Download and listen to an audio version of Welcoming Unsubscribers.

Welcoming Unsubscribers

Let’s cut to the chase–if you’re not getting value from these weekly seminars, or if you just plain don’t have time to apply what you’re learning, you can unsubscribe easily by clicking on the link at the end of today’s issue.

It’s not that I want you to go! But, I don’t want you to feel like you *have* to read each issue, or that applying what you’re learning is a chore you must do before going on to more fun activities.

Q & A About Information

This week, you sent in fantastic requests! I wish there was space to answer them all. These were the three most-asked on sharing information in your newsletter.

Q: I want to add multimedia to my newsletter, but have no idea how to start. I want to make sure it’s really professional. Please help!

Audio is definitely something you can do yourself with just a microphone and some great software. However, (more…)

Delivering Information in a Way that Entices Readers

Let’s face it, black text on a white background wears out even the most loyal readers. And, sometimes, we just plain want the Internet to live up to its original promise. Where’s that multimedia and interaction when you need it?

It’s not enough for you to share great information in your newsletter–you need to share it in a way that’s easy and enjoyable for your readers.

Audio: Delivering Information in a Way that Entices Readers

Download and listen to the audio version of Delivering Your Information in a Way that Entices Readers, by Jessica Albon.

How to Know if You’re Giving Away Your Crown

Last week, I was speaking with a client (we’ll call her Jane) who was wondering about what she should write about in her newsletter.

Jane’s an independent professional who consults with retailers to help them maximize their sales. She has a loyal client base and has just started her newsletter. She’s on her third issue.

She’s having trouble walking that fine line between educating her readers with valuable information and “giving away her crown.”

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