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Will You Take the Celebration Challenge?

You’ve made it to week eight in the year-long series of what makes a great newsletter. You’ve learned the importance of personality (and how to make your newsletter full of you) and you’ve taken a look at the difference between consistency and predictability.

You’ve come such a long way already! By simply taking a few minutes each week to apply what you’ve learned so far to your newsletter, you’re seeing how the tiniest changes (and the smallest *investment* of time) can make a big difference in your relationship with readers.

Keep reading with me and you’ll continue to read bite-sized bits for improving your newsletter, one small segment at a time.

Did You Train Your Readers to Behave Badly?

Q: Can a newsletter that’s not published consistently work?

Yes, if you keep a few parameters in mind.

First, make sure you’re clear with readers that the newsletter is published “as inspiration strikes” or as breaking news comes your way–explain to them the criteria for publishing a new issue.

How to be Consistent Without Being Predictable

In the last lesson, you learned:

You’ve got to be consistent with the consequences (and expectations) but inconsistent with the rewards.

And we discussed how you could start to be unpredictable in your newsletter to keep your readers interested. What we didn’t look at was consistency.

Be anything but predictable

When you publish a newsletter, it’s important to be consistent (and we’ll talk more about that next week). However, it’s the kiss of death to a newsletter to be predictable.

Izzy (my 18-month old yellow Lab) and I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on training for the last six months. He’s a big dog (about 75 pounds), and he’s nearly as headstrong as I am. Which means he can easily drag me down the street (all 5’2″ of me :-) ) when he sees something he wants to chase after.

Recently, I was bemoaning his continued lack of consistent good behavior to a trainer friend and she told me something I hadn’t realized…

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