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About Newsletters in Focus

Newsletters in Focus is a weekly newsletter seminar presented by Jessica Albon and her company, The Write Exposure.

Each issue teaches independent professionals how to become Indispensable Experts in their field.

It is possible to go through the Newsletters in Focus lessons on your own, but a better choice is to do them as a part of the Newsletter Spa program. By paying a one-time fee for a Lifetime membership, you’ll receive access to:

  • Every report, ebook, checklist, and spreadsheet Jessica’s ever created on newsletters
  • A library of professional templates for your email newsletter
  • A mastermind community of successful, talented newsletter publishers–brainstorm ideas and get feedback in this guided forum
  • Frequently updated, private blog where you’ll get an in-depth look at what makes a newsletter work–and what to avoid

While you can use the blog to go through the Newsletters in Focus seminar, you’ll get a lot more by subscribing to the free email version. You’ll not only receive a fresh copy of each seminar straight in your email inbox (maximizing convenience for you!), but you’ll also receive access to free goodies, discounts, and updates.

To subscribe, visit

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